2018 Toyota Camry: New and Improved and Here at Reagor Dykes Toyota Plainview

If you're in the market for a new sedan, and want something that is classic yet fresh, comfortable, light and airy and filled with lots of perks, then look no further. The 2018 Toyota Camry is just that vehicle.

Recently arrived at Reagor Dykes Toyota Plainview, the 2018 Toyota Camry is redesigned in this newest version. It's longer, lower to the ground and yet still retains great visibility inside and plenty of head, shoulder and leg room. You'll notice that its lines are longer and wider, offering an updated look for the classic Toyota sedan. 

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The All-New Toyota C-HR: A Lot of Fun in a Compact Crossover

Looking for a crossover that is sporty and compact? Want to buy a Toyota? Then you'll definitely want to learn more about the all-new Toyota C-HR. This crossover is fun to drive and offers tons of perks. Enjoy the dual-zone climate control, traffic adapting cruise control, a comfortable and surprisingly roomy interior and much more.

The Toyota CH-R offers higher ground clearance, so that you can better maneuver on dicey roads. It also makes it more visually appealing.

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Should You Choose the Toyota Camry or Toyota Corolla?

If you're looking for a reliable new car in Plainview, be sure to take a look at vehicles like the Toyota Camry and Toyota Corolla. Both of these vehicles are known for their long-lasting reliability and they also offer exciting drives and modern features that make for an all-around excellent driving experience. So which model is right for you? You can learn more about each one below.

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Buying a Car is Easier Than Ever With Our Doorstep Delivery Program

Reagor-Dykes Toyota Plainview is making buying a new car simpler than ever. We offer a Doorstep Delivery program, which allows you to buy a new car and have it delivered right to your home. From the comfort of your own home, you can buy a new car, work out your financing and then just wait for delivery. You don't have to travel back and forth to our dealership because we'll take care of everything.


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Toyota Trucks Offer Power, Durability and Convenience

If you're looking for a tough new truck with impressive towing and hauling capabilities along with a comfortable and convenient ride, then be sure to check out our Toyota trucks. Vehicles like the Toyota Tacoma and Toyota Tundra have a lot to offer from their powerful engines to their high-tech features. You can see the Tundra in action in the video below.



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The Toyota Corolla is Smart and Safe

If you're looking for a new compact car with a reliable ride, affordable price and all kinds of amazing features, then the Toyota Corolla could be a great option for you. This vehicle has a lot to offer, including a variety of amazing features designed to make your ride simpler and safer. In the video below, you can see some of those features in action.


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Tax Return Season is a Great time to Explore Deals on New Toyota Models in Plainview, TX

Here at Reagor-Dykes Toyota Plainview, we are proud to serve both the Plainview and Lubbock areas with new Toyota models that we believe you will find immense satisfaction driving on a daily basis. These brand new vehicles are reliable, come with the historic backing of the Toyota brand, and offer the features you need to turn a regular commute into something much more inspirational. And seeing as we now are in the midst of tax return season, we deemed it important to highlight the fact that there are great deals for vehicles currently featured in our new Toyota lineup here…

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Put in a Hard Day’s Work with the Toyota Tundra

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When it comes to the truck that you decide to drive, capability plays a critical role. Without it, the work you need to put in may suffer and your aspirations may dip as a result. But with it in trucks like the new Toyota Tundra here at Reagor-Dykes Toyota Plainview, it’s quite easy to feel supreme confidence when heading out onto the job for the day.

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The Toyota Brand SUV Advantage over Lexus

Aside from purchasing a home or choosing insurance, there aren’t too many buying decisions as big as deciding on an SUV to drive for at least the next ten years. With factors ranging from how comfortable the vehicle is to how much gas consumption will cost you, there’s a lot to take in before arriving at a decision that you can feel strong about. And here at Reagor-Dykes Toyota Plainview, we are here to tell you why we think Toyota is ultimately right for you over competing brands such as Lexus.

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An Affordable, Capable Crossover SUV

Many of the drivers we serve, here at Reagor-Dykes Toyota Plainview, are looking for a vehicle that provides them with ample interior space and an affordable price tag. We do our best to provide excellent options, and for those who are looking for the aforementioned features, you cannot do better than the Toyota RAV4.

Not only does this crossover SUV have a sleek exterior design and comfortable interior, it also has plenty of cargo space, technological innovation, and safety features.

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